Professional Practice Series Workshops

We design our Professional Practice Series workshops to complement leadership for learning programs. They focus on developing classroom practice to achieve excellence in learning and teaching. 

Our professional practice series workshops guide participants to think through the following as they work out how best to strengthen their practice:  

WHO: Considering our Students – We introduce our Know-Do-Be Framework that helps teachers to better understand the learner a more holistic way.  This includes finding out about students dispositions, attitudes to learning, their skills and proficiencies and depth of understanding in relation to the concepts that are being taught.

WHAT: Designing for Learning – There is a big difference between knowing about the official curriculum and being able to design effectively for a specific cohort of learners. We address the design of Units that increasingly depth understanding and build levels of proficiency in relation to what is essential to learn.

HOW: Teaching Effectively – By considering contemporary research and drawing out important findings in relation to creating a supportive and challenging learning environment and analysing the pedagogical approaches and strategies that have been found to best support learners to progress, we support teachers and teacher leaders to uncover strengths and areas for development in practice.

HOW WELL: Assessing Growth and Development – We have identified a need for teachers to: strengthen their practice in observing, questioning and conversing with students to better understand their needs and developmental levels; attend much more strongly to assessment as and for learning and get students are more involved in this; use a broader range of practices beyond pre and post testing to work out where students are in their learning (e.g. analysing performances and work samples, roundtable discussions and student interviews; use of innovative heuristics designed to uncover developmental progress and prompt reflection on self. 

This program is now offered as an elective in the Bastow Leading Mathematics Program.

Who have we partnered with?
  • Armadale Primary School
  • Arts Victoria
  • Auburn Primary School
  • Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Bastow Institute
  • Berry Street
  • Berwick Fields Primary School
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Catholic Education Melbourne
  • Caulfield Grammar School
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Derrimut Primary School
  • Discovery College
  • Elisabeth Murdoch College
  • Eltham High School
  • Foundation House
  • Kew High School
  • Merri Creek Primary School
  • Ocean Grove Primary School
  • Princes Hill Secondary College
  • RMIT
  • Schools Connect Australia
  • St Joseph's Crib Point
  • The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP)
  • Thomas Carr College
  • Victoria University
  • Yarram Secondary College
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