Effective Mentoring Program

A two day program conducted in partnership with the Victorian Department of Education and the Victorian Institute of Teaching where our team supports mentors in both school and early childhood settings to learn about effective mentoring roles and how best to contribute to the development of beginning teachers.

The Effective Mentoring Program is designed for experienced teachers who are mentoring provisionally registered teachers in 2016.

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What will I learn?

The aim of the EMP is to build the capacity of mentors to support beginning teachers through ongoing professional learning embedded in day-to-day practice. This builds the capacity and self-efficacy of the beginning teachers which has a positive impact on improving student learning outcomes.

Activities allow participants, in their role as mentors, to explore the practice of mentoring and how they can support beginning teachers to improve their teaching practice. A natural outcome of effective mentoring is the achievement of full VIT registration.

Day 1:

  • Understanding ourselves in the role of mentors of beginning teachers
  • Knowing the professional standards and the need for eveidece to support full registration
  • Understanding my beginning teacher and their learning needs.

Day 2:

  • Explore the coaching and guiding mentoring functions.
  • Explore how to engage in learning conversations that allow beginning teachers to reflect, analyse and respond effectively to events in the classroom.
  • Finalising the full registration process.

Time is allowed for reflective conversations with other mentors as a means of confirming and extending ideas and understandings.


How do I apply?

Registration for the program is conducted through the VIT.

Teachers must register for both days of the program.

Registration instructions are available on the VIT website at: Effective Mentoring Program

What assistance is provided?

The program is offered at no cost to schools or participants.

Program resources

  • Reflective Guide to Teacher Mentoring (pdf - 2.44mb). This guide is designed to support the further development of experienced teachers in their important role of mentoring less experienced colleagues. Practices referred to in this guide, drawn from research, are offered for reflection and as options to be considered and adapted rather than simply implemented. It supports the reader to consider their approach to mentoring that is appropriate to them, their context and the colleagues they are supporting.
  • Mentoring in the New Millennium (PDF - 240Kb) (pdf - 240.08kb) – An article by Andy Hargreaves and Michael Fullan which is valuable pre-reading for teachers about to begin a mentoring relationship.

More information

  • Mentoring Fact Sheet (docx - 8.06mb) - This flyer provides schools with information to support the effective mentoring of beginning teachers including tips for effective mentoring.


Who have we partnered with?
  • Armadale Primary School
  • Arts Victoria
  • Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Bastow Institute
  • Berwick Fields Primary School
  • Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Education Office
  • Catholic Education Melbourne
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Derrimut Primary School
  • Discovery College
  • Elisabeth Murdoch College
  • Eltham High School
  • Foundation House
  • Kew High School
  • Merri Creek Primary School
  • Ocean Grove Primary School
  • Princes Hill Secondary College
  • RMIT
  • Schools Connect Australia
  • St Joseph's Crib Point
  • The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP)
  • Thomas Carr College
  • Victoria University
  • Yarram Secondary College
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