Measurement & Geometry

This two day workshop addresses the big ideas of measurement and geometry (Siemon) which guide student's conceptual development in mathematics. Practically the program also attends to the following key concepts and processes:

  • Identification of the attribute to be measured
  • Informal measurement
  • Developing standard units, and the structure of the iterated unit
  • Measuring using conventional (formal units)
  • Identifying and using relationships between units
  • Application of measurement ideas to life-like context

Small maths

Who have we partnered with?
  • Armadale Primary School
  • Arts Victoria
  • Auburn Primary School
  • Australian Council for Educational Research
  • Bastow Institute
  • Berry Street
  • Berwick Fields Primary School
  • Brotherhood of St Laurence
  • Catholic Education Melbourne
  • Caulfield Grammar School
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Derrimut Primary School
  • Discovery College
  • Elisabeth Murdoch College
  • Eltham High School
  • Foundation House
  • Kew High School
  • Merri Creek Primary School
  • Ocean Grove Primary School
  • Princes Hill Secondary College
  • RMIT
  • Schools Connect Australia
  • St Joseph's Crib Point
  • The Teacher Effectiveness Programme (TEEP)
  • Thomas Carr College
  • Victoria University
  • Yarram Secondary College
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