Past Partnerships


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Past Programs Include:

Building the Capacity of Professional Learning Leaders in Schools

This 8 day program offered teachers with professional learning leadership responsibilities the opportunity to expand their professional learning repertoire to include such practices as coaching, mentoring and leading professional discussions using a range of protocols designed for different purposes. Teachers learned how to establish norms, undertake and lead action research in their school and design for change in both teacher and student learning. Research findings from this program continue to inform professional learning initiatives we lead at the Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership. 

EdP Connected Learning in Community (CLiC)

CLiC is both a research and professional learning initiative where seven schools came together regularly over 3 years to research and test how best to build learning capacity across their school. 


Arts Victoria Artists in Schools Support Program

Our team drew upon our past research to offer professional learning to build understanding of how to more effectively learn and partner with those from outside the education sector. This work addresses three important principles of partnering – equity, transparency and mutual benefit. [more]

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Teacher Refresher Course

A course which enabled teachers who wished to return to teaching in the state of Victoria after being on leave for some years or recently arrived from other states or countries. As well as being provided with learning experiences designed to familiarise them with the latest developments in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment in Victorian Schools, teachers also spent time in primary and secondary school classrooms, talked to teachers and leaders about working in their schools and received advice about writing applications and attending interviews. 

DEECD Supporting Teacher-Led Research Program

This five day program with ongoing online support provides classroom based teachers with structured support to conduct research into their students’ learning needs and associated teaching practices that lead to improved learning outcomes. 

Supporting New Teachers Practice Program

This program prepared online coaches, school based mentors and beginning teachers to work together in professional learning communities. New Teachers identified areas of their practice they wished to strengthen as they strived to achieve quality learning and progress for all students.

SparkL (Spark Learning and Literacy)

SparkL was funded by a private foundation for 9 years with a goal to support schools serving disadvantaged communities to increase opportunities for every student to experience educational success. At a minimum this meant creating opportunities for students to develop as creative, confident and literate learners. EdP Mentors worked with multiple levels of leadership in each school - principals, teacher leaders and classroom teachers to innovate and translate SparkL elements and pedagogies into practice. SparkL has left a lasting legacy with learning stories still inspiring teachers and leaders in our other programs today. 

Establishing Literacy Coaching in Your School (DEECD - Bastow Institute for Educational Leadership)

This capacity building program supported school teams to think through and locally design an effective approach to literacy coaching that accounted for diverse contexts. In addition to developing their coaching repertoire, participants explored what it meant to be an effective literacy learner, teacher, coach and leader. They also applied their learning to establish an appropriate form of professional support for their colleagues based on an assessment of need.

Curriculum Design Project (DEECD Research and Policy)

This project enabled the EdP team to spend extended time (25 days per school) working with three secondary schools to map and review whole school curriculum plans and strengthen the design of Units of Work. Following on from this, we were engaged to work with a further nine school teams in this region to provide a five day professional learning program and an onsite mentoring visit to support implementation of new practices.

Contemporary Learning Research Schools Project (Catholic Education Office)

This two year professional learning and action research program with school teams (principal and teacher leaders) provided support as leaders investigated contemporary learning and teaching approaches. Research schools subsequently advised system policy development and implementation.

Leadership for Contemporary Learning (Catholic Education Office of Melbourne)

Building on the work of the Contemporary Learning Research Project, the EdP team worked with teams of central office and regional leaders to support them as they designed and facilitated the system wide Leadership for Contemporary Learning Program with school teams in each region. All school teams included the principal, teacher leaders and classroom teachers.  

Religious Education system and regional leaders learning program (Catholic Education Office of Melbourne)

Working with central system leaders and regional school advisors, we supported leaders to explore what contemporary learning in religious education meant, together with the implications for teaching, learning and working with schools. In particular, the role of dialogue, inquiry and more dialogical teaching approaches was explored.

Curriculum, Pedagogy and Assessment Project (Catholic Education Office of Melbourne)

Working in partnership with central system leaders and regional school advisors, we co-designed a program for religious education coordinators that has challenged and redesigned traditional roles and ways of working. This work is subsequently informed system policy and recommendations for new role descriptions that shifted the role of coordinators to learning leaders.  

Teacher Effectiveness Enhancement Program for Secondary Schools (Catholic Education Office of Melbourne)

This program drew upon our partnership with TEEP UK to redesign a local application within the CEOM policy context.

Strengthening Your Schools Professional Learning Culture (Catholic Education Office - Eastern Region)

Working with vertically connected teams (Principal, teacher leader, classroom teacher) we explored current and new ways of learning in community and the parallel leadership roles that enable this to occur. School teams linked this work to their Annual Action Plan.  

Leading Change in a Contemporary Learning Landscape (Catholic Education Office - Eastern Region)

This program built on an earlier AGQTP program: Developing Inquiring Minds and engaged post-review schools in strengthening their curriculum design, assessment and pedagogical approaches. This was guided by the CEOM Contemporary Learning Schema and Learning Centred Schools framework.


Leading conversations about effective practice – e5 Masterclass (Bastow Institute)

Drawing upon research on developing effective learning networks, we developed a vertically connected learning strategy with two regional network leaders to explore how best to establish conversations and a shared language in relation to effective practice. Four schools across the two networks volunteered to become inquiry sites to explore how to apply network level learning in their unique contexts. Working with leaders at every level in a partnership approach, theory was translated into local action. 

Measurement & Geometry

This two day workshop addresses the big ideas of measurement and geometry (Siemon) which guide student's conceptual development in mathematics.

Number & Algebra

In this workshop participants consider and further strengthen their practice in the teaching of Number & Algebra.

Statistics & Probability

This workshop explores Di Siemon's Big Ideas. Teachers learn how to design for learning in ways that inspire students and bring statistics and probability to life.

Who have we partnered with?
  • Armadale Primary School
  • Australian Catholic University
  • Bastow Institute
  • Berwick Fields PS
  • Carlton Primary School
  • Catholic Diocese of Ballarat Education Office
  • Dandenong West Primary School
  • Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
  • Derrimut Primary School
  • Elisabeth Murdoch College
  • Eltham High School
  • Footscray Primary School
  • Grovedale College
  • MACS - Melbourne Archdiocese Catholic Schools
  • Monash University
  • Mother of God School, Ardeer
  • Prahran High School
  • Roxburgh Homestead Primary School
  • St Francis de Sales Primary School Lynbrook
  • St Joseph's Crib Point
  • St Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary School
  • St Paul the Apostle, Doreen
  • William Ruthven College
  • Wonga Park Primary School
Eltham High SchoolFootscray Primary SchoolMonash UniversitySt Mary of the Cross MacKillop Primary SchoolArmadale Primary SchoolMother of God School, ArdeerCatholic Diocese of Ballarat Education OfficeCarlton Primary SchoolBerwick Fields PSSt Paul the Apostle, DoreenDepartment of Education and Early Childhood DevelopmentElisabeth Murdoch CollegeBastow InstituteRoxburgh Homestead Primary School
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